Will Be Ordering Another Rolex Replica Today

The watch arrived yesterday and is perfectly satisfactory except for one thing : the screw holding one of the links came out almost immediately with no interference from me and I cannot find it anywhere – see photo attached. This screw is smaller than the others holding other links in place and as you can see attaches the link immediately next to the clip.

Please supply a replacement and it would seem sensible to have a spare – so two please.

Replica Rolex Watch

I will take a chance in a week or so but if there is an issue with a watch that I purchase from you I do not want to hear well you will have to pay the postage back or we can’t help you because we do not give refunds.  remember I will have this email saved  for proof.  Please also know I am a Law student getting ready to graduate and I will have my degree as a Lawyer and will take legal steps to remedy any issue that comes up with your company.

Will be ordering another one today. I was a bit concerned as I tried ordering through another website before and I never received it. Really happy with the service from you thus far. Hoping you can help me with the following questions for the next purchase!

Replica Rolex Watch

How do I change the time and date on the Omega Seamaster?

I’m now after a Rolex Submariner- I think 45mm case is a little to big for my wrist. Do you have anything around the 40-42m mark??

Also, can you deliver quicker? I would like to have this delivered before my honeymoon on the 16th March. I don’t mind paying extra for quicker delivery.

Replica Rolex Watch

Their customer service is a joke in my opinion. I called them several times and seems like they have 2 or 3 different people that answered the phone. They did not want me to return the Rolex replica UK and even when they finally said I could return it They wanted me to pay for the return shipping. I ultimately contacted my credit card company and filed a charge back. Because the watch was counterfeit it is against the law for me to millet back to them therefore they had 2 choices either they can pick up the watch or give me a refund without the watch. They wound up giving me a refund and I was able to keep the broken watch. If you order from them just be sure to use a credit card that way if they scam you you can get your money back.