The Number On The Back Of The Rolex Replica Is 16233

I brought from you a Rolex Replica about three months ago, the number on the back of the rolex replica is 16233, I have only worn the rolex replica a few times and on sunday I stoppedi tried to wind this rolex replica uk and slowly turned this rolex replica uk back and front, but I would not start.

I paid for this rolex replica uk with my credit card. Would you let me know what you can do to recify the problem. I had tried all you said without the Rolex Replica Watches UK working, but tried again exactly as you have suggested with still nothing happening, the large hands move freely and the date changes as it should, but the second hand remains still.

I am not going anywhere and will continue my contact, I do not consider it right paying $70 plus for a rolex replica watches uk that lasts only twelve weeks, I will take this to the higest level to get satisfaction, my patience is wearing thin now.