The 7 Has Come Off The Watch Face Of The Rolex DateJust Replica Watch

No shop will do a repair to a replica watch in the UK. They will confiscate the watch and destroy it.

Could you please refund my account as the watch is faulty. Please advice if you need me to post the faulty watch back to you or do you want me to throw it away in the rubbish bin.

Could you send a replacement that has been tested and is fault free. If this is not possible could you please issue a full refund. As stated earlier this was to be a Christmas present and am very disappointed upon receiving the faulty watch.

My daughter does not wish the Rolex replica UK to be replaced as she has seen something else she wants instead. Could you please proceed to refund the money as you offer the 14 day money back guarantee on your website.

I have sent lots of emails requesting a refund for a watch supplied as faulty.

Why do you advertise a refund when you have no intention to honor your companies promise?

I will have no alternative but to write bad reviews on social media web sites.

Please do the honorable thing and issue a refund to avoid getting bad reviews. If this had happened to you I am sure you too would not be too happy.

That is not acceptable as I am losing money as the faulty watch is worthless. I am prepared to choose a watch for my self its #7037 which is white faced Breitling. Its a bit more than the original purchase but I think that its fair due to nearly a months worth of emails and the inconvenience caused. Bear in mind I still have to buy my daughter a replacement Christmas present.

Amend my previous request for replacement watch to #4066 it same watch but automatic and cheaper than the #7037.

Hope we can finally come to a conclusion to this long running dispute.

I recently received my purchase of a ladies Rolex DateJust, which I gave to my partner as a Christmas present. She has only been wearing the watch from the 25th December until 28th December when the 7 has come off the watch face.
I wish to return the watch for a replacement as I am now not confident with the original item.

As requested I have attached a photo of the watch showing the number 7 missing. The part which has come from the watch face is still in the watch and is a potential danger to jam and prevent the movement of the hands in the post when I return the item.

I am not prepared to take the watch to get repaired, I would like to exchange the item for a replacement from yourselves who provided the faulty item. If another number falls off next month am I expected to keep paying for repairs to faulty goods, that is not reasonable nor acceptable.