Rolex Datejust 2017 Replica Watches

I did think about selecting Rolex replica UK without the date window but I couldn’t find any that I like. The Rolex Datejust are always my favorite watches!

The bad news is it seems that the website where I used to select the watches has been shut down:

But anyway what I would like to do is order two watches: I have attached a screenshot of the first (it is the same watch that I ordered last time – I took the screenshot when I ordered it).  I would also like the black dial version of the same watch. I don’t have a screenshot of that, the price was the same but it had the black dial (it was called the Rolex Datejust Swiss eta 2836 movement with 14k wrapped gold two tone with black-dial).

Can you please provide a photo of these two watches (the actual items you will send) as discussed below? Then I would be happy to order both, at a nice price.

I just wanted to know if your watches come in Rolex boxes and have the security tags? I like these watches and was searching for a good company to purchases from. I buy a lot of Rolex replica sale because I’m a collector but don’t have the means to buy real ones. My kids love them so I buy each of them replica’s. I will ordered two by next Wednesday from your company.