I Think About The Thrill Of My First Expensive Watch

My parent bought me a Rolex oyster for graduation in 1966.  It cost $165.  They did not want to spend the extra money for the date-just,  Am I ever glad.  I used to wear replica Rolex uk daily for about ten years.  Now it comes out every few months and it still draws compliments. It has a silver face and sticks.

It is a classic, vintage ode to modernism and less is more. I think it is only a 34mm, but I am a confidant guy and have many, many watches.  When I wear it I think about the thrill of my first expensive watch and what it meant to me at the time.  The nostalgia is perfect and my grand son will some day inherit it.

So I am delighted that replica Rolex, who just came out with a gaudy Yachtmaster in gold with a rubber strap is tipping their hat to their heritage. The new CEO is smart doing this. He is balancing the bling look with the iconic look. It is good business to pay homage to your heritage.

I have bought and sold many watches, but the Oyster stays.  You cannot buy such memories, but if you are young and want the lifetime watch, this is it.