Always Complaining About The Watches Rolex

It looks like Taylor got the ref. 116503 Rolex Daytona which is the two-tone steel and 18k yellow gold model. Rolex replica uk slightly updated the Daytona line last year by introducing a cerachrome ceramic bezel model, but I don’t think anyone is going to complain about getting the gold bezel here.

Specific Daytona models given to the winning team vary year to year. What they share in common, however, is the satisfyingly pithy engraved case back with the race’s logo, the year, and the word “Winner.”

I am not bothered but many of you contributers are always complaining about the watches Rolex such as underlined, red lined Submariners, new Pepsi GMTs or whatever that Rolex replica sale should be making but do not.

They are not going to give a guy who dives for 659 laps for 24 hours a the watch that he wants are they. If Rolex replica watches cared about there customers they would not make them wait a year or whatever for a watch that could be available for everyone if they wanted it.

We Have A Miscommunication


Please send me an address in English where I can return this Replica Rolex watch along with the potential shipping charges. I am willing to compromise with a more reasonable solution. I am willing to pay you 30% or $30 for the watch I ordered.

The problem is that the one I can keep doesn’t work. I put it up to my ear and it sounds like an out of tune Model T.

So you will send the ladies version of the DateJust Automatic Blue Dial Roman Numerals Marking, for $50 right? Can I also order a Man’s Model 2667 for the same price? Otherwise, I’m paying $150 for one Rolex Replica and a broken one.

I’m sorry we are having a miscommunication. I have already sent $100 for the wrong watch that doesn’t work. What I am proposing is that I send you an additional $50 for a total of $150. So that would mean that I would be paying you $75 each for the watch I ordered and the model 2667.

Let me get this straight:

1) I can keep an absolutely worthless watch that I paid $100 for.

2) You were willing to sell me the Rolex Replicas I ordered for $50 more which means that I would actually be paying $150 for the watch I ordered and I get to keep the broken one.

3) Now you’re asking for $150 more for a total of $250.

4) I could have ordered the 2667 man’s and the 1115 ladies for $200!

I Can Wait For The Correct Watch


I placed order # 25304777 today through your website, but I don’t know why it is not processed the payment through VISA. Is it possible to send you money by Western Union? And I need you to send me watches by DHL or UPS or FEDEX courier for quick delivery. Kindly send me how much I have to pay, in order to transfer it to you by Western Union.

I have just received my order of a Rolex Replica, code for watch is 20291, it clearly states on the page of this watch that the face is 42mm, however the one you have sent is the bigger 46mm face which I didn’t order. Can you please respond ASAP and send the correct watch that I ordered.

Unfortunately the watch is for an anniversary present, I appreciate your kind offer of 30% discount on another watch however this wouldn’t be required. I can wait for the correct Rolex Replica UK to be received by myself and make sure its the 42mm diameter one, then send you the incorrect one back if this helps.

Because they no longer respond to my emails and probably not have the goods you offer in the internet, it can be assumed that it is probably a scam. Until now I have not a commodity.
I’ll give you the last time the opportunity to come to me an appropriate product or to refund me my money back.
If you continue to have my mails unanswered or I will not receive compensation, I will file a criminal complaint for fraud on my lawyer.
Here are more suggestions of the Rolex Replica Watches, the number 36568 and number 10989. The watch with the number 16082 you have in stock.

Time Schedule


I have checked again and there is still no progress with my Rolex Replica ? How much longer is it going to be before I take delivery ? Why is it taking over a week to fly from Hong Kong ? I really am very concerned about this whole situation and really do not know what to do next.

You have not replied back to me from my last e mail and I still have not received my watch so I think it is only fair you now give me a full refund of £93.49 as the time scale I have waited is totally unacceptable.
I trust I will hear back from you within the next 24 hours to organize refunding me my money allowing me to purchase the same watch elsewhere.

You say you are going to resend ASAP , can you be more specific with your date’s please.
1-date sending
2- date I will receive tracking number
3- date I will receive watch
I estimate if you take 4 days to arrange collection of Rolex Replica UK, 1 day to register at customs , 1 day to send tracker , 1 day shipping , this gives you 7 days from Saturday 8th so I will be receiving my watch by Saturday the 15th.
Do you agree to this lengthy amount of time given ?
I think this time scale is being more than generous considering the amount of time I have waited so far .
Please send me new tracker ASAP
And I look forward to receiving my watch within the next 7 days .
Please reply back to this e mail for me to know that I will be receiving very soon.


Ladies Size Rolex Replica Watch


Actually I’m going with different watch.

Model: 11816   Ladies size (26mm)

Rolex Replica UK Date Just Automatic Full Rose Gold with Diamond Bezel and Marking-Silver Dial

Unfortunately as before, your site’s check-out credit card processing does not work.  Tried several times, with different credit cards and still got the “Error 9005” and there is not PayPal option (although there is a logo of it on the first page, the option does not exist when the shopping cart is activated)

Could you kindly, as with my previous purchase, send PayPal link/account to get the payment on the way (price on site is 59 +20shipping=79 Pounds).  I’ll be paying in US dollar.

Your site’s credit card processing definitely does not work.  I tried it several times more and still nothing, just error 9005.

Please send your western union info for payment.

As mentioned below, the watch I’m interested is:

Model: 11816 Ladies size (26mm)

Rolex Replica Date Just Automatic Full Rose Gold with Diamond Bezel and Marking-Silver Dial

The price on site is 59 +20shipping= 79 Pounds.  Please email back how much in US dollars in total for payment via western union.

A Watch That Not Keep Time


I am not certain if this is the customer service for the product or just the shipping company so if it is not directed to you, perhaps you can forward or provide the correct contact.

I received the Rolex Replica watch yesterday which is in a timely manner. It is a very nice looking time piece. However the primary use of a watch is just that, as a time piece. In that regard, this fails on epic proportions. I understand limitations due to simply the price point. But I can get watches for $20 that keep better time. When say bad, I mean outrageous. The watch will gain time at the rate of 10 minutes per hour, not 10 a day which would be unacceptable or 10 a week which would be inconvenient but not insane. Ten minutes an hour. So my question is what are my options? I’m willing to accept certain shortcomings but this is completely unacceptable. I want the Rolex Replica UK and I only want to work properly. I had intended to purchase other watches, however, if this is the standard performance, that is not likely. Please contact me to resolve this mater. I can be reached at this email.

Replace The Bracelet For The Rolex Replica


Now, just as a reminder, the Rolex Replica watch I am expecting is pictured below here. If this works out, and I find you to be prompt, honest, and dependable, I can send you many more customers who are wanting to order from you.  Lastly, as I may have explained to you, I ordered this exact watch from a different company several months ago.  It is the watch you see pictured here.  The problem I had with it was that the “pins” in the bracelet actually fell out, and the bracelet had to be replaced. I am hopeful that I will not any problems like this with your company.  However, if I do, I certainly hope you will stand behind the product and replace the bracelet if that should happen? Hopefully there will be no problems.

I am looking forward to receiving the Rolex Replica UK.  As I said, I will send you many more customers.

Replica Rolex UK


I feel you are not taking me seriously. May I state I first informed you six weeks ago regarding the problem. You agreed to supply a replacement, to which I am grateful. I also agreed to pay new shipping. I have since sent you more emails a few days ago, to which you have not replied. This is not good customer service. I will tell you again just send Replica Rolex UK watch the one you sent image off. Also forward tracking reference. As you are aware its urgent, please reply or going legal.

Yes, I would like the replacement watch to be sent, however, I am really not happy that after a month I’m still yet without a watch. The website promised it to be delivered within seven working days.

Do you know the reason why the Rolex Replica watch was never delivered?

Can you please also let me know precisely when this watch will arrive, and the tracking number  and postal service?

I am concerned that this could take another month again. I hope you understand?

Rolex Replicas


How much would it cost to have the watch waterproofed? I do not want to pay by any other method than credit card as having been scammed once before it is the only protection I have. I see on the bottom side of your site that you accept PayPal. Now, I’ve come across many similar sites showing they accept PayPal but don’t actually accept it. I’m very interested in a Rolex Replicas watch but before I go and enter any of my personal information and try to purchase a watch, I’d like to know if you really accept PayPal. It is very frustrating not being able to use PayPal since it’s one of the safest ways to buy online.

I still have not received my Rolex Replicas and the bogus tracking information tells me nothing about where it ended up it says the item has been signed for and delivered. I would like a refund I have no more patience for this. I am calling my credit card company and opening a claim on this company for a refund if I do not get a response. This is rediculous.

Rolex Yacht-master


My replica Rolex Yacht-master arrived today at my UK address it looks and feels great but  I am a bit disappointed I did not receive this in a Rolex box and I have no Rolex certificate as I am sure this was included  in the sale. The chronograph features appear not to operate I.E. the second hand- the ten minute timer E.T.C. do not appear to work. Have I misunderstood the details of this sale ? I did expect all functions to work. I have also bought the same model addressed to my U.S.A. address as a gift so I am awaiting
feedback from my son on Rolex replica when it arrives n the USA.


As you can see from below , I recently ordered a Rolex Submariner Automatic Blue bezel Steel Dial Diamond Marking #2310 from you . It arrived today , and it does look good. I have one question , how do you move the hands to adjust it to the correct time? I have tried to pull the wind up nob out , but it does not want to move and I do not want to break the replica Rolex watch. Please could you confirm this is the correct way to adjust the time?  Or do I have to do anything else to be able to adjust the time ?


What is you delivery time to the UK? What delivery method do you use and does it have a tracking facility? I have been waiting for a watch to arrive that I ordered before Christmas, I got sent a confirmation about it being posted and tracked the parcel which says it was delivered but I haven’t received it. It was meant as a present for a birthday and I don’t have a lot of money to be spending on Rolex Replica Watches that I don’t receive. Could you follow this up as soon as possible and get back to me as I would like the item I ordered and payed for.


I ordered this Rolex Replica UK on your website on Tuesday and made the payment but the message did say when I finished that your web site  could not be found I have not come across this before . I had a message from DHL telling me that a package had been despatched but that could be any other Rolex Replica Sale which we have ordered as the message was not specific. So I guess from what you have said it has not transacted.