The Watches Were Delivered on Time


I’m glad to say that the Rolex Replica Watches were delivered on time and in perfect condition. The service from your company had been impeccable thus far and I have already recommended you to friends.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed to discover that one of the watches was not quite what I ordered.

The submariner I ordered was the new model – 116610LN with the glide lock clasp and priced at £86.77. This is on page 4 of the selection of Submariners and is labelled #8800. The Glide lock clasp does not operate and the glass is not etched with the Rolex symbol.

It looks like you have sent me model number 116610 which is on page 3 and is labelled #8588. The price of this watch is £73.31.

I appreciate this is an easy mistake to make however I would very much like to have the Rolex Replica UK I originally ordered as I specifically wanted the newer model.

Can you please let me know if you can help me.

Thank you for this offer although you seem to be making it on the basis that I buy another watch which I think is a little unfair given you accept you have sent me the wrong bracelet. I also note you made no comment on my observation that the glass is not etched at the 6 position so the watch is definitely not as stated on your website.

That said, instead of sending me out a replacement bracelet, would you offer me a bigger discount on your best submariner replica (#8716 116610LN Swiss Movement £221.29)?

If the watch is as stated on the website I’d gladly pay the same price as I have paid for this model (£86.77).

I would suggest this to be an appropriate way of resolving this issue.

Check With Your Colleague


As I placed two separate orders for Rolex Replica Watches, one order with you and one with another company, but have received only one watch but cannot be certain which of the two watches came from you can you please give me details of the watch you supplied. I will then sort out the matter of payment.
As I have never used PayPal before can you inform me how I should do this.

I would like to ask you again kindly to check my order no. 401330 !

It still was not delivered and I really would like to know what is the cause for this.

Please look into it and let me have some news  as soon as possible, please!

I do perfectly understand, that some postal (DHL) package delivery delays are to be expected as a result of New years, but still, do please let me have some information, so I will know when to expect delivery of the Rolex Replica UK.

The issuer of the card is  NLB Nova Ljubljanska Banka d.d. , from Ljubljana, Slovenia – a major Slovenian bank with standing credentials in Europe and Worldwide.

If you will check with your colleague, you will find, that I already sent you this data beginning of December 2015 and Helen answered me, that the problem was resolved and that delivery usually takes 9 business days.


A Replacement Band


It seems I’m unable to satisfy your request as you are asking  for yet another email.

I accept I’m not going to get anywhere and in essence I am resigned to accepting a much inferior watch to the one I ordered and paid for.

Whilst trawling through the numerous websites I came across an original De Ville ‘Annual Calender’ as is printed on the face of the Rolex Replica Watches your sending me as a replacement. They all have a month and date unlike your version which shows only the date?

All this has left me being a very dissatisfied customer.
I need a replacement band for this Rolex Replica UK since the pins in the clasp have fallen out.  I do not know if this is a warranty issue but if i could expedite the process please inform me with the process i need to follow to get a new clasp and or return the defective watch to obtain a replacement.
If it expedites the process i would be willing to purchase a new band if this is at all possible.  I can be reached at US 865-363-7663 if that is an option.  I am motivated in fixing this watch as well as purchasing 2 more if at all you can understand my urgency in resolving this issue to continue our
business relationship.

Cancel My Order for Rolex Replica


I am just after finding out for sure that you never sent the Rolex Replica UK the second time what are you been delayed with your end of the deal. Sorry you leave me no other way but use the proper road to deal with this matter also no tracking order so don’t think you can print out a tracking order I have all the evidence needed so reply.

I never asked you to send on the watch again I asked for a refund. I got confirmation off customs about what was detained by them so you know what I’m talking about , so that leaves the burning question what’s going on here look all my mail is saved and will be used if necessary. Just refund my account and delete my account with you and stop giving me the run about I never had this type of hassle with any other online company. I trusted your company and you are taking me for a fool act on my instructions.

I demand you to cancel my order for Rolex Replica Watches now and delete my account as and from now , if you do not follow my orders you are breaking the law ! And I will be reporting you to the police in the u.k and the Garda fraud squad in Eire. I also will be reporting your company to the online trading standards and credit card company fraud so I hope  you follow my order and under no circumstances send any watch to my address again or I will be going to all the papers , tabloids , and and online consumer rites I can find .

Two Buttons Missing


I have just compared your picture to the watch I ordered. I have already noticed the one you want to send has no date window and two buttons missing from the side which makes it look unauthentic!
The face is also different and not as detailed. This is obviously a much cheaper replica and looks like it is worth around half the price.
Please contact me as I may have to cancel which is a shame as I really wanted this Rolex Replica UK.

You said you would send watch in two days, it’s been months and still no watch. Do you realize that I spent more than $400 and got nothing, I understand it’s not your fault that the post office never delivered return but it is your fault for sending the wrong watch then promising refund upon return because you no longer had the watch I wanted then not giving refund. You then proceed to tell me that you can’t give a refund but you could give me the same Rolex Replica Watches after I had already bought it from somewhere else because you said you didn’t have it. This is your fault so please resolve this and send the replacement I requested. I paid a lot of money for a watch I never received. Do please send it.

Replica Rolex


I said look at the little gold crown within the glass.  It is not where it is supposed to be.  The gold crown is loose.  I can see this in the picture if you cannot I can take another.  Look for the gold crown or lack thereof where it is supposed to be.

Just as long as you don’t normally see such problems with the durability of your Rolex Replica Watches.  My shipping address has changed so is there a way to enter it in the payment link you will send me?

I have one question.  Is there any way I can get this watch without the crown in the dial (this way it couldn’t come loose and move around under the crystal) and without any of markings that say “Rolex”?  This way if something does go wrong with the watch I can get it repaired at a watch place near my house (places won’t repair a replica Rolex but if it’s just a watch that looks similar to a Rolex that would be alright to repair, replace a battery on, etc).  Also if you can do this you should advertise it on your site.  You would be the first site to make a Rolex day date 2 homage and many people like these more than replicas.  There are a lot of forums with people looking for these homages so I imagine they would be profitable to make.

Rolex Yacht-master


My replica Rolex Yacht-master arrived today at my UK address it looks and feels great but  I am a bit disappointed I did not receive this in a Rolex box and I have no Rolex certificate as I am sure this was included  in the sale. The chronograph features appear not to operate I.E. the second hand- the ten minute timer E.T.C. do not appear to work. Have I misunderstood the details of this sale ? I did expect all functions to work. I have also bought the same model addressed to my U.S.A. address as a gift so I am awaiting
feedback from my son on Rolex replica when it arrives n the USA.


As you can see from below , I recently ordered a Rolex Submariner Automatic Blue bezel Steel Dial Diamond Marking #2310 from you . It arrived today , and it does look good. I have one question , how do you move the hands to adjust it to the correct time? I have tried to pull the wind up nob out , but it does not want to move and I do not want to break the replica Rolex watch. Please could you confirm this is the correct way to adjust the time?  Or do I have to do anything else to be able to adjust the time ?


What is you delivery time to the UK? What delivery method do you use and does it have a tracking facility? I have been waiting for a watch to arrive that I ordered before Christmas, I got sent a confirmation about it being posted and tracked the parcel which says it was delivered but I haven’t received it. It was meant as a present for a birthday and I don’t have a lot of money to be spending on Rolex Replica Watches that I don’t receive. Could you follow this up as soon as possible and get back to me as I would like the item I ordered and payed for.


I ordered this Rolex Replica UK on your website on Tuesday and made the payment but the message did say when I finished that your web site  could not be found I have not come across this before . I had a message from DHL telling me that a package had been despatched but that could be any other Rolex Replica Sale which we have ordered as the message was not specific. So I guess from what you have said it has not transacted.