I Can Wait For The Correct Watch


I placed order # 25304777 today through your website, but I don’t know why it is not processed the payment through VISA. Is it possible to send you money by Western Union? And I need you to send me watches by DHL or UPS or FEDEX courier for quick delivery. Kindly send me how much I have to pay, in order to transfer it to you by Western Union.

I have just received my order of a Rolex Replica, code for watch is 20291, it clearly states on the page of this watch that the face is 42mm, however the one you have sent is the bigger 46mm face which I didn’t order. Can you please respond ASAP and send the correct watch that I ordered.

Unfortunately the watch is for an anniversary present, I appreciate your kind offer of 30% discount on another watch however this wouldn’t be required. I can wait for the correct Rolex Replica UK to be received by myself and make sure its the 42mm diameter one, then send you the incorrect one back if this helps.

Because they no longer respond to my emails and probably not have the goods you offer in the internet, it can be assumed that it is probably a scam. Until now I have not a commodity.
I’ll give you the last time the opportunity to come to me an appropriate product or to refund me my money back.
If you continue to have my mails unanswered or I will not receive compensation, I will file a criminal complaint for fraud on my lawyer.
Here are more suggestions of the Rolex Replica Watches, the number 36568 and number 10989. The watch with the number 16082 you have in stock.

You Are Very Cooperative


I was just checking your site and it says delivery can take up to 7 days. Honestly I don’t have 7 days now to leave this country which clearly implies that I won’t be getting my Replica Rolex on time. I urge and request you humbly to courier my parcel today so that at least there is some hope to get it in time. If you are sending it tomorrow then somehow I feel that I won’t get it on time. Rest is up to you, I can’t do anything other than requesting you. I hope you will make my shopping experience with you memorable in a good way and if you can tackle this situation, I assure you that I will buy another Rolex Replica UK as a token of your sincerity and help.

In that case I can’t do anything. Could you please make sure that supplier will post the package tomorrow. I can simply hope that I will get the package on time. Please don’t delay it anymore at any cost.

This seems to be promising. Thanks a lot. You are very cooperative and friendly. You have answered all my concerns and questions promptly. Just get the last bit done for me either get the site updated or let me know the courier name and tracking number along with the country my Rolex Replicas been dispatched from. I assure you I won’t bother you again.

I Placed Five Orders


I am sorry but I do not want the Rolex Replica UK, I know it will cost money to send it back but I have no alternative as it is a gift for my brother and he doesn’t like it at all. He wanted the Cartier watch so please can you either let me know about a full refund of my money or let me know what Cartier watches you do have in stock in order for us to order something else to the same value as what has already been taken from my bank account.

Please find all the information about the orders that we placed, follow all my Rolex Replica Watches orders with details, please note that I placed 5 orders and I just received 3 still missing 2 maybe there’s some misunderstood because I used three different e-mails address but all the order I’ve paid with my two cards.

If you need any additional information please let me know.

I really like your product and I’ll be pleased to recommend your shop.

The Latest Update About My Order


Could I ask you a favor? Could you please mail me as soon as supplier courier my Rolex Replica UK? Could you please do a follow up with them? This will really really help me a lot in getting the items out of the warehouse and get them shipped.

I was looking forward for your support and assurance to get it shipped tomorrow for sure. This may need you to coordinate with them to make sure my items are shipped. This is due to the fact that if supplier delays it even by a day, things will go for a toss.

I am not sure when you call it a day today but can you please let me know whether my Rolex Replica Sale order is going to ship tonight? Can you please confirm with supplier and let me know about the same. I know you are very sure that it will be out tonight but by not seeing any status change on my accounts page make me worried.
I apologize again to bother you so much but I hope you will understand my problems and concerns.

I guess these watches are being posted from China and I am sure it is quite late night in China but I still haven’t received any mail stating that the Rolex Replica Watches have been dispatched and I don’t even know whether they will be or not. Only you can help me here with this. Please tell me the correct and latest update about order dispatch.

The Watches Were Delivered on Time


I’m glad to say that the Rolex Replica Watches were delivered on time and in perfect condition. The service from your company had been impeccable thus far and I have already recommended you to friends.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed to discover that one of the watches was not quite what I ordered.

The submariner I ordered was the new model – 116610LN with the glide lock clasp and priced at £86.77. This is on page 4 of the selection of Submariners and is labelled #8800. The Glide lock clasp does not operate and the glass is not etched with the Rolex symbol.

It looks like you have sent me model number 116610 which is on page 3 and is labelled #8588. The price of this watch is £73.31.

I appreciate this is an easy mistake to make however I would very much like to have the Rolex Replica UK I originally ordered as I specifically wanted the newer model.

Can you please let me know if you can help me.

Thank you for this offer although you seem to be making it on the basis that I buy another watch which I think is a little unfair given you accept you have sent me the wrong bracelet. I also note you made no comment on my observation that the glass is not etched at the 6 position so the watch is definitely not as stated on your website.

That said, instead of sending me out a replacement bracelet, would you offer me a bigger discount on your best submariner replica (#8716 116610LN Swiss Movement £221.29)?

If the watch is as stated on the website I’d gladly pay the same price as I have paid for this model (£86.77).

I would suggest this to be an appropriate way of resolving this issue.

Time Schedule


I have checked again and there is still no progress with my Rolex Replica ? How much longer is it going to be before I take delivery ? Why is it taking over a week to fly from Hong Kong ? I really am very concerned about this whole situation and really do not know what to do next.

You have not replied back to me from my last e mail and I still have not received my watch so I think it is only fair you now give me a full refund of £93.49 as the time scale I have waited is totally unacceptable.
I trust I will hear back from you within the next 24 hours to organize refunding me my money allowing me to purchase the same watch elsewhere.

You say you are going to resend ASAP , can you be more specific with your date’s please.
1-date sending
2- date I will receive tracking number
3- date I will receive watch
I estimate if you take 4 days to arrange collection of Rolex Replica UK, 1 day to register at customs , 1 day to send tracker , 1 day shipping , this gives you 7 days from Saturday 8th so I will be receiving my watch by Saturday the 15th.
Do you agree to this lengthy amount of time given ?
I think this time scale is being more than generous considering the amount of time I have waited so far .
Please send me new tracker ASAP
And I look forward to receiving my watch within the next 7 days .
Please reply back to this e mail for me to know that I will be receiving very soon.


The Rolex Replicas Has Never Been Worn


I bought a Rolex Day Date Automatic bezel Black Diamond Marking #4131. It’s not the first watch I have bought from you guys. It never worked since day one. I took it to my Jeweler and my Jeweler send it over to his Jeweler and still wasn’t able to get it fixed. The Rolex Replicas has never been worn since it didn’t work from day one. I want to keep making business with you guys, I just want the same watch but working.
Please let me know the steps to follow for the return.

I just received the Rolex Replica UK and not exactly the model he had requested. As you can see in the accompanying photograph watch details they were green and you sent me the same with red accents.
I have not had much luck with you, on the one hand the delivery, as they did not inform me they were closed why the Chinese new year which I indicated that offered me a discount for the next purchase, which? Thanks to them, and on the other hand the error in the model reported previously. How do we solve?

Check With Your Colleague


As I placed two separate orders for Rolex Replica Watches, one order with you and one with another company, but have received only one watch but cannot be certain which of the two watches came from you can you please give me details of the watch you supplied. I will then sort out the matter of payment.
As I have never used PayPal before can you inform me how I should do this.

I would like to ask you again kindly to check my order no. 401330 !

It still was not delivered and I really would like to know what is the cause for this.

Please look into it and let me have some news  as soon as possible, please!

I do perfectly understand, that some postal (DHL) package delivery delays are to be expected as a result of New years, but still, do please let me have some information, so I will know when to expect delivery of the Rolex Replica UK.

The issuer of the card is  NLB Nova Ljubljanska Banka d.d. , from Ljubljana, Slovenia – a major Slovenian bank with standing credentials in Europe and Worldwide.

If you will check with your colleague, you will find, that I already sent you this data beginning of December 2015 and Helen answered me, that the problem was resolved and that delivery usually takes 9 business days.


A Replacement Band


It seems I’m unable to satisfy your request as you are asking  for yet another email.

I accept I’m not going to get anywhere and in essence I am resigned to accepting a much inferior watch to the one I ordered and paid for.

Whilst trawling through the numerous websites I came across an original De Ville ‘Annual Calender’ as is printed on the face of the Rolex Replica Watches your sending me as a replacement. They all have a month and date unlike your version which shows only the date?

All this has left me being a very dissatisfied customer.
I need a replacement band for this Rolex Replica UK since the pins in the clasp have fallen out.  I do not know if this is a warranty issue but if i could expedite the process please inform me with the process i need to follow to get a new clasp and or return the defective watch to obtain a replacement.
If it expedites the process i would be willing to purchase a new band if this is at all possible.  I can be reached at US 865-363-7663 if that is an option.  I am motivated in fixing this watch as well as purchasing 2 more if at all you can understand my urgency in resolving this issue to continue our
business relationship.

Ladies Size Rolex Replica Watch


Actually I’m going with different watch.

Model: 11816   Ladies size (26mm)

Rolex Replica UK Date Just Automatic Full Rose Gold with Diamond Bezel and Marking-Silver Dial

Unfortunately as before, your site’s check-out credit card processing does not work.  Tried several times, with different credit cards and still got the “Error 9005” and there is not PayPal option (although there is a logo of it on the first page, the option does not exist when the shopping cart is activated)

Could you kindly, as with my previous purchase, send PayPal link/account to get the payment on the way (price on site is 59 +20shipping=79 Pounds).  I’ll be paying in US dollar.

Your site’s credit card processing definitely does not work.  I tried it several times more and still nothing, just error 9005.

Please send your western union info for payment.

As mentioned below, the watch I’m interested is:

Model: 11816 Ladies size (26mm)

Rolex Replica Date Just Automatic Full Rose Gold with Diamond Bezel and Marking-Silver Dial

The price on site is 59 +20shipping= 79 Pounds.  Please email back how much in US dollars in total for payment via western union.