Everything About My Watch Is Unique To The Brand

My new self-winding mechanical watch is more rare than any of these luxury watches – there are only 150 in the world exactly like it – and it illicits questions and compliments of every watch aficionado who happens to spot it. It was made by Visitor Watch Co, a boutique watchmaker in Indiana. Everything about my watch is unique to the brand and model – the mesh stainless-steel band design references the dial’s indices and rotor, the latter visible through the exhibition caseback which in itself is uniquely curved to the wrist.

It was under $1,000 and surely more special to wear than watches that are sought as status pieces. It’s especially true when what you wear isn’t easily distinguishable from the counterfeits that flood foreign marketplaces until you hold it up for examination – that will never happen with my Visitor.

The article says we should focus on “the psychology of the collector,” but the collector is really a non-factor to what this article is talking about. Replica Rolex uk is the watch brand recognized by nouveau riche types as a symbol of prestige, and so they’re scooping these watches up well above their MSRP. Walk into any investment bank, hedge fund, private equity firm, etc., in New York, London, Taipei, or Hong Kong, and you’ll see oceans of Rolex watches.