Entirely Too Narrow As With Most Rolex’s

This Yacht Timer is mechanically excellent but wholly impracticable for any serious yachting enthusiast or crew member. Starting with the white dial and lack of anti reflection coatings on the crystal. That dial should be a very dark one, black or blue etc.

In use, an unnecessary battle for the wearer, considering the eye strain on a sunny day. and would be mostly unreadable on deck. Second, the lack of Rolex replica sale acknowledging anti reflection coatings actually exist, save for the cyclops on other models ,is laughable at best and criminal at worst.

The barely contrasting minute hand is entirely too narrow as with most Rolex’s, nothing new here. The previous model had the blued hands. Why they are missing is anyone’s guess. Alas, Rolex replica uk has embraced willful ignorance lo these many years. To each their own.