Time Schedule


I have checked again and there is still no progress with my Rolex Replica ? How much longer is it going to be before I take delivery ? Why is it taking over a week to fly from Hong Kong ? I really am very concerned about this whole situation and really do not know what to do next.

You have not replied back to me from my last e mail and I still have not received my watch so I think it is only fair you now give me a full refund of £93.49 as the time scale I have waited is totally unacceptable.
I trust I will hear back from you within the next 24 hours to organize refunding me my money allowing me to purchase the same watch elsewhere.

You say you are going to resend ASAP , can you be more specific with your date’s please.
1-date sending
2- date I will receive tracking number
3- date I will receive watch
I estimate if you take 4 days to arrange collection of Rolex Replica UK, 1 day to register at customs , 1 day to send tracker , 1 day shipping , this gives you 7 days from Saturday 8th so I will be receiving my watch by Saturday the 15th.
Do you agree to this lengthy amount of time given ?
I think this time scale is being more than generous considering the amount of time I have waited so far .
Please send me new tracker ASAP
And I look forward to receiving my watch within the next 7 days .
Please reply back to this e mail for me to know that I will be receiving very soon.