Check With Your Colleague


As I placed two separate orders for Rolex Replica Watches, one order with you and one with another company, but have received only one watch but cannot be certain which of the two watches came from you can you please give me details of the watch you supplied. I will then sort out the matter of payment.
As I have never used PayPal before can you inform me how I should do this.

I would like to ask you again kindly to check my order no. 401330 !

It still was not delivered and I really would like to know what is the cause for this.

Please look into it and let me have some news  as soon as possible, please!

I do perfectly understand, that some postal (DHL) package delivery delays are to be expected as a result of New years, but still, do please let me have some information, so I will know when to expect delivery of the Rolex Replica UK.

The issuer of the card is  NLB Nova Ljubljanska Banka d.d. , from Ljubljana, Slovenia – a major Slovenian bank with standing credentials in Europe and Worldwide.

If you will check with your colleague, you will find, that I already sent you this data beginning of December 2015 and Helen answered me, that the problem was resolved and that delivery usually takes 9 business days.