A Replacement Band


It seems I’m unable to satisfy your request as you are asking  for yet another email.

I accept I’m not going to get anywhere and in essence I am resigned to accepting a much inferior watch to the one I ordered and paid for.

Whilst trawling through the numerous websites I came across an original De Ville ‘Annual Calender’ as is printed on the face of the Rolex Replica Watches your sending me as a replacement. They all have a month and date unlike your version which shows only the date?

All this has left me being a very dissatisfied customer.
I need a replacement band for this Rolex Replica UK since the pins in the clasp have fallen out.  I do not know if this is a warranty issue but if i could expedite the process please inform me with the process i need to follow to get a new clasp and or return the defective watch to obtain a replacement.
If it expedites the process i would be willing to purchase a new band if this is at all possible.  I can be reached at US 865-363-7663 if that is an option.  I am motivated in fixing this watch as well as purchasing 2 more if at all you can understand my urgency in resolving this issue to continue our
business relationship.