Two Buttons Missing


I have just compared your picture to the watch I ordered. I have already noticed the one you want to send has no date window and two buttons missing from the side which makes it look unauthentic!
The face is also different and not as detailed. This is obviously a much cheaper replica and looks like it is worth around half the price.
Please contact me as I may have to cancel which is a shame as I really wanted this Rolex Replica UK.

You said you would send watch in two days, it’s been months and still no watch. Do you realize that I spent more than $400 and got nothing, I understand it’s not your fault that the post office never delivered return but it is your fault for sending the wrong watch then promising refund upon return because you no longer had the watch I wanted then not giving refund. You then proceed to tell me that you can’t give a refund but you could give me the same Rolex Replica Watches after I had already bought it from somewhere else because you said you didn’t have it. This is your fault so please resolve this and send the replacement I requested. I paid a lot of money for a watch I never received. Do please send it.