A Watch That Not Keep Time


I am not certain if this is the customer service for the product or just the shipping company so if it is not directed to you, perhaps you can forward or provide the correct contact.

I received the Rolex Replica watch yesterday which is in a timely manner. It is a very nice looking time piece. However the primary use of a watch is just that, as a time piece. In that regard, this fails on epic proportions. I understand limitations due to simply the price point. But I can get watches for $20 that keep better time. When say bad, I mean outrageous. The watch will gain time at the rate of 10 minutes per hour, not 10 a day which would be unacceptable or 10 a week which would be inconvenient but not insane. Ten minutes an hour. So my question is what are my options? I’m willing to accept certain shortcomings but this is completely unacceptable. I want the Rolex Replica UK and I only want to work properly. I had intended to purchase other watches, however, if this is the standard performance, that is not likely. Please contact me to resolve this mater. I can be reached at this email.